That’s true, we use Winio at Winio, and we use it a lot! Just to give some context - if you don’t know Winio already 😭 - Winio was designed to center team communication and collaboration around tasks. And now I felt it’s time to share some of our use cases.


Campaign Management: We are continuously running several marketing campaigns across different platforms, with all the planning, execution, tracking and analysis of those initiatives it’s very easy to lose control, miss deadlines or have duplicate jobs. So, we set up a project called “Social Media Campaigns” to let everyone know who’s responsible for what, have a centralized place for marketing assets and share KPI from current and past campaigns to discuss next steps and refine strategies.

Editorial Calendars: Regarding our marketing content strategy, we have a very open approach. We use a “Content Strategy Roadmap” project to capture content ideas, from blog posts to quora answers that everyone in the company has access. Everyone should be responsible for our content marketing strategy, every person has their own vision and in the most of cases valuable to share.

Bug Tracking: Every time a bug is reported we create a task in a project called “Bugs and corrective measures” with that bug. Every bug has a priority assign from Low to High. Bugs with high priority are immediately assigned to one of our engineers to correct as soon as we can.

New ideas and features suggestions: We know everyone has their own approach concerning collaboration and project management topics, and we need to handle with lots of features requests and improvements coming to us from many channels: messaging platform, email, meeting, informal conversations, etc. We have a “Features Requests and Opportunities” projects to centralize all these feedback to discuss with all the team and add these features to our roadmap.

Product launches: Like any other company launch a significant improvement or feature is a stressful time with a lot of things happening at the same time. We have a “New feature/improvement project” with all the key stakeholders involved in the new launch. We know this is a cross-functional effort across engineering, marketing, and customer support and we need to enforce transparency and open communication to make it worth and make sure the launch is successful.

New hire onboarding: When a new teammate lands at Winio we use “ John Doe Onboarding” to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible. We know this process require a pileup of paperwork, and a lots of emails to get everything done so this was the way we arrange to make sure we can track the onboarding process from start to finish, so the new hire will know what they need and immediately find it, to ensure he is ready to hit the ground running.

Client Projects: Some of our clients are consulting agencies, from design studios to PR agencies, so collaborate with stakeholders outside agencies is key. We try to make it as smooth as possible with a guest account. A guest teammate can collaborate on a given project without the need of creating an account. This is especially useful to keep all the information in one place and avoid the back-and-forth email.

And, that’s it! You probably use Winio in a lot of different ways and we’ll be more than happy to hear how Winio fits in your workflow. We are always listening for feedback to keep improving Winio to make your workday peaceful, noise free! 🚫📣