Introducing Sticky Notes

As you may notice, we introduce a brand new feature to Winio. We work every day to make your workday even more connected, more alive and flexible to avoid the endless switching between tools. Often when you're working with your team on a project, things can move very quickly and evolve as people complete tasks, share new ideas or introduce new topics, so it's always a good idea to share the progress with everyone involved. For that reason, we're proud to introduce you the Sticky Notes. With Sticky Notes, it's easier to manage and follow the most important things that happened during the project.

Where to use Sticky Notes


Meetings are a vital part of your company life, but everyone knows how meetings could be ineffective and negatively affect overall team productivity. Most of the times the inefficiency of the meetings are due to the lack of agenda or the lack of preparation of attendees.

At Winio, you can take advantage of Sticky Notes to send the meeting agenda in advance to ensure everyone is appropriately prepared for and stay focused during meetings because everything has been laid out so clearly and it is easy to see how the allocated time will be used efficiently.

At the end of the meeting, you can share your notes with everyone to avoid misleading interpretations of what has been decided and ensure everyone knows what to do next.

Project progress status

When you are working on a large scale project with budgets, timelines, scope or milestones to manage, often you need to share the status of the project with your teammates to let everyone know what is going well and what it's crucial to tackle to get your project back on track. So, at Winio, you can rely on Sticky Notes to help your team get the job done.

And whenever feels right to you

The main idea behind Sticky Notes is providing a flexible space for you to write down complex ideas, make announcements or share feedback gathered from your users or clients and make them stand out.

Go try it now and let us know how your team takes advantage of them.

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